How to Handle Workplace Bullies

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If you are like most kids, you were probably bullied in high-school. Luckily for your bullies, you had no self-defence skills. Well, as an adult, things have not changed much.

Bullies are everywhere in the work environment. It comes in various forms — physical threats, teasing or being left behind.

It’s not fun! And most times, bullying poses a threat to your health.

Dealing with workplace bullies is pretty straightforward. You’ve got to understand how they operate and figure out a way of manoeuvring them.

Here are some tips to help you handle workplace bullies.

Keep a personal note.

The human brain is no machine. It’s not programmed to keep records — it forgets.

The first step of dealing with bullies is to keep a private record. It’s superbly hard to keep a mental note of when and how you were bullied. But with a personal note, you would easily take note of vital details like the date and time, how it happened, those around during the time of occurrence, and other information.

Stand up to your bully.

Become more assertive and stand up to your bully.

Here’s the thing, it’s your responsibility to stand up for yourself.

At first, you may feel nervous. But if you keep at it, you would become more comfortable in confronting your bullies.

Also, you can try talking to the person about the behaviour. Politely explain how it’s unfair and offensive. Hopefully, everything would work out fine, and the bullying would stop.

Reach out to the manager, a senior executive, or the HR

Before reaching out to the manager or a senior executive, you’ve got to check out your workplace bullying policy. This way, you would have an idea of who to talk to and the proper path to channel your complaints to.

The manager is in a position to tell you what to do next. If your manager is the bully, or you don’t have a healthy relationship with the manager, you can take your complaints to a senior executive or HR.

The human resources (HR) comes in handy here. You can take your complaints to them, and let them handle it.

Before reaching out to HR, you must have your notes ready. Your notes provide a blueprint on what’s going on and how it is affecting you in the workplace.

If reaching out to the manager, senior executive, or HR doesn’t do any good, then it’s time you bring in the big guys.

Call the big guys

You’ve tried everything, but nothing has changed. It’s time to call for external help.

Reach out to the Fair Work Commission and let them know what’s going on. The support you would receive will be dependent on your unique situation, and the information you provide.


Bullying, harassment and other forms of conflict are inevitable in the workplace. To deal with it, you’ve got to learn the nitty-gritty of conflict resolution.

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Now you know how to handle workplace bullies, how would you handle the next bully in your workplace?