Staying Safe Policies

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Do you have a policy for how your staff and team leaders should respond to an aggressive situation?

While most organisations have policies (some legislated) for taking leave, hours of work, and a raft of occupational health and safety (OH&S) policies and procedures including how to handle customer complaints and bullying in order to provide a safe workplace, very few businesses consider the need to provide their teams with the tools and techniques to resolve aggressive situations.

While thankfully, most disagreements do not lead to a physical altercation, the long term impact of exposure to aggressive situations should not be underestimated; with long term risks including anxiety, stress and depression.

Training Options

Resolution Education provides customised training to educate and empower your team to feel safe and secure at work.

From dealing with aggressive people to road rage and conflict resolution, your team will learn how to identify a potentially aggressive situation and gain skills to de-escalate, defuse and, if required, defend themselves.

Customised training can be delivered for teams of four (4) or more people.

In addition to a tailor-made solution to suit your workplace, to ensure your team are supported back in the workplace, organisations participating in a customised training program will receive a sample Dealing with Aggressive Situations Policy and Procedures designed to support teams and managers in the workplace respond more effectively to aggressive situations in the workplace.

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