Practical Self Defence Skills

The practical self defence skills course gets straight to it. How to protect yourself from physical violence and aggressors. It is the same content as the Dealing with Aggressive People Course, but only the hands on component. Like all our courses, it is a fun half day of training where you get to be very hands on and learn some excellent techniques for the workplace.

This training course is designed for team members to:

  • recognise and understand the signs of aggression
  • learn how to resolve an aggressive situation
  • learn what action to take if the situation becomes physical.

It is a powerful day, fun and very informative.  You will learn the best way to defend yourself against an attacker, even if the attacker is much bigger and stronger than you.  Hint -it’s not all about groin strikes and elbows to the head!

We will teach you:

  • the right mindset for defending yourself
  • evaluating your environment – situational awareness
  • different techniques to counter attacks from an individual, for example attacks from behind, attacks front, being dragged
  • various ways to handle multiple attack situations
  • what to do if weapons are involved, and what you may be able to use as a weapon.

The course is hands on where people get to train and participate in the techniques.

You will receive:

  • morning tea or afternoon tea, tea and coffee
  • a comprehensive manual to cement your learning’s
  • an excellent half day of fun and interactive training, both theoretical and hands-on

Investment: $295 inc GST for half day. 20% Discount for 2 or more registrations from the same company.

What to wear: Clothes you would wear to work.

Note:  As this is a hands on learning environment  a waiver form will need to be signed by each participant to ensure insurance is kept up to date. Anybody who does not sign the waiver will not be able to participate in the physical activities.

Course Outline

Part 1

  • Introduction and general information on the day.

Part 2
Mind Set Around Defending Yourself

  • Understanding Fight, Flight or Freeze
  • Working on the two main elements of self defence, distance and time
  • Dealing with shock and adrenaline
  • Being able to reflect confidence
  • Awareness and stopping situations before becoming physical

Part 3
One On One Attack Scenarios

  • Defending from being grabbed from behind
  • Defending from being grabbed from the front
  • Defending from being punched of kicked
  • Defending from sitting or lying
  • Open discussion and request from different grabs

Part 4
Multiple Attacker’s Scenarios

  • Learn how to use the environment
  • Learn to stay focused on one target
  • Defending from grabs and being carried

Part 5
Weapon Scenarios

  • Learn how to defend if an attacker has a weapon (knife, bat etc)
  • Learn how to use weapons to protect yourself

Part 6

  • Questions
  • Technique Requests
  • Summary and Close

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