Managing Narcissistic Behaviour in the Workplace

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We have all encountered a person who lacks empathy for others and has a deep need for attention and admiration. Yes, narcissists are all around us, and they make us feel small in different ways. These people can easily get on your nerves, but what makes them dangerous is when they have the power to damage your business, career, or your reputation.

The narcissistic behaviour of your co-workers can be a pain, but it is manageable if you keep in mind the following tips from Resolution Education. We have years of training people in workplace conflict.

Do not Fall Under Their Spell

Narcissists always look out for their own best interests. This means that no matter how caring they might appear to be, chances are these individuals will never hesitate to throw you under the bus when the time comes. Even if they are helping you out on a project or doing a favour, do not be fooled. They only do so when it serves them or when they want to attract admirers.

Be careful that you do not start expecting consistent kindness and help from them, or they will start expecting you to return favours ten-fold. When you have identified a narcissist in your office, try to keep your distance and politely decline any helping hands they might offer.

Challenging Their Views is A Big No

It might be exceedingly difficult to ignore it but always try not to engage in an argument with such a person. Whatever you do, do not challenge their point of view. It is in a narcissists nature to try to be a know-it-all and regard their knowledge as the most superior. They also tend to offer unsolicited and unasked advice, which they themselves do not follow in their own lives.

Engaging in such arguments with them is just going to put you in stress and waste your time. Do not be concerned about correcting them because your viewpoint is likely to fall on deaf ears. Instead, politely acknowledge their inputs and get on with your own work.

Do Not Try to Change Their Behaviour

Listening to a narcissist can often waken up the empath within you. You might start thinking that you can make them see reason and help them change their behaviours. Do not kid yourself. Narcissistic behaviours are very deep-rooted in a person’s personality. You must not get caught up in trying to fix them. However, you can clearly express your apprehensions with the said person, such as addressing any inappropriate actions like bullying, etc.

It is Not About You

Perhaps the most important part of managing such people is realizing that you must not take another’s actions too personally. People around narcissists can often feel victimized and alone. The key is always to remember that their actions or arrogance has nothing to do with you and everything to do with who they are as a person.

Make sure that you have a solid support system within your office so that such people cannot bring you down. Always be sure to speak up if you are being wronged and make sure that you do not let anyone take credit for your work. Do not expect recognition from people who actually envy you and let your work do all the talking. After all, hard work, dedication, and honest intentions never go unnoticed in any workplace.

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