How to improve workplace cultural awareness and address conflicts

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Workers in the modern-day era likely interact with clients, customers, and colleagues from different personal and cultural backgrounds every day. It is therefore vital for everyone, regardless of your role or industry, to have strong cultural awareness and sensitivity to prevent any confusion or conflict.

Having cultural awareness means possessing an understanding of different cultures based on religion, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, and physical qualities.

Having a lack of understanding and respect for these differences can lead to misunderstanding and conflict between parties. Employees of businesses and organisations that promote workplace cultural sensitivity, will be more productive, gracefully navigate communication barriers, and engage with customers respectfully.

Here are a few tips for improving workplace cultural awareness:

Workplace policies and training

At Resolution Education, we believe that companies can prevent conflict through proper training and clear policies.

Oftentimes, customers may become frustrated and aggressive when trying to engage with a workplace. Training courses like De-Escalation and OVA encourages employees to reexamine and challenge their own unconscious biases and pre-existing mindsets. It can also assist with having the patience and understanding when dealing with customers from different cultural backgrounds.

At Resolution Education, our De-Escalation and OVA training covers the following outcomes which can assist in any workplace or industry:

  • recognise the signs of somebody becoming agitated
  • situational awareness and preparation
  • control their emotions during an aggressive conversation
  • the right mindset for the situation and how not to panic
  • de-escalate a conflict situation in the workplace
  • how to confidently handle the situation in a safe manner
  • use their voice to resolve the aggressive situation and what to say; your voice and words are your number one tool to defuse any situation
  • deal with people who are influenced by drugs, alcohol or have a mental challenge

These real-life skills can assist employees to diminish the effects of the potentially violent altercations and incidents they are faced with by customers who may become frustrated or agitated when cultural differences are evident. These skills will also help them to go home from work safely each day.

Focus on teamwork and building skills

Learning and embracing other cultures helps make workplaces become informed and welcoming spaces for their clients. Resolution Education believes in a hands-on approach to training which is interactive and empowering to all attendees. We teach practical tools and techniques in conflict resolution strategies that have been tried and tested in real-life situations.

These life-long skills will provide employees with the courage, confidence, and capability to de-escalate situations, and protect themselves when necessary.

About Resolution Education

Whether you need basic conflict resolution skills or your employees need to be trained on dealing with occupational violence and aggression, Resolution Education has the training for you. Regardless of your industry, our highly skilled team of trainers come to your workplace and provide real-life, hands-on training to assist your staff to handle any disputes or aggressive behaviour they may encounter.

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