The Importance of Conflict Resolution Training for The Younger Generation

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Unfortunately, conflict is part of our lives and often is unavoidable. Employees working together have different expectations, which can create inevitable disputes amongst them. Therefore, conflict resolution training is a critical part of any workplace.

As our younger generation enters the workforce, they are facing several challenges they may not have encountered before. Many companies are actively seeking these young, energetic employees who are in more in sync with the current trends and can bring new ideas to the table.

In collaborative work environments, there are greater chances of employees not being able to communicate with each other effectively. It can lead to different arguments, lasting conflicts, or ultimately litigation in extreme cases. For any company to thrive successfully, their employees should have a team attitude and get along with their colleagues. It also helps boost productivity.

This article points out 14 conflict resolution skills. Conflicts can be avoided if practical steps are taken to defuse hostile situations and enable communication between the parties. They can also be resolved by applying some thoughtful sets and procedures amongst the workforce.

Good business management requires effective conflict resolution strategies, especially among young people who form a substantial part of the workforce. However, the first step should be identifying the common causes of these disputes to help you predict, prevent and manage them effectively.

Harvard lists some common sources of conflict amongst workers

These may occur due to:

  • breached agreements
  • a deficit of skills
  • lack of information
  • conflicting interests or values
  • discrimination
  • opposing personality types
  • mental illnesses
  • organizational problems
  • scarce resources etc.


Training the younger generation regarding these conflict problems is vital. This training can be provided through dispute resolution workshops and training methods to help employees and managers avoid any major disruptions to their work. Training regarding managing challenging behaviours of clients, negotiation and mediation techniques should be instilled into each worker. Moreover, there has been growing awareness amongst workplace discrimination and harassment or bullying amongst employees.

Workers need to be aware of how to manage these situations and not to succumb to pressure from any powerful executive. They should be encouraged to come forward with such problems and report them to the relevant authorities without any fear or coercion. Moreover, young managers must be trained on how to handle employees that might be older and exert dominance over them without making them insecure about their positions.

Anti-bullying and corruption awareness are also essential to help employees understand the rights of their coworkers and what behaviours are not tolerated in the workplace.

Leaders should coach and encourage young millennials to express their concerns in a way that is more comfortable and open for them. For example, using social media platforms or online channels is very common amongst this generation, and they should not be discredited. Companies should incorporate such platforms to reach out to their employees and create newer systems that allow effective communication amongst them.

Taking into account the opinions of less experienced workers is more likely to give them a sense of being appreciated and heard in their workplace. It creates more loyalty amongst them, as they try to maintain all standards of the company, which in turn leads to a more harmonious workplace with fewer conflicts.

At Resolution Education, we are leaders in group conflict resolution training for workplaces. We work with all industries, all ages, and levels of employment, to give all participants the necessary tools and confidence to handle aggressive or conflict situations in the workplace.

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