Customised Training

Do you and your team deal with aggressive customers or clients?

Are you looking for a solution to improve workplace safety?

Do you want your team to feel empowered and more confident to handle difficult situations?

Are you looking for a tailor-made solution to suit your workplace or industry?

Our customised training will meet your training needs by providing you with program that will help your employees protect themselves at work, while addressing your unique needs and workplace.

Whether you are in public service, corporate, or private industry, your existing policies and protocols are taken into consideration, along with your work environment and associated risk factors to provide you with a truly customised and relevant training program.

Our customised programs might include:

  • mindset around self-defence
  • managing your environment
  • how to deal with different one on one attack situations
  • how to deal with multiple attack situations
  • dealing with weapons
  • de-escalating and defusing volatile situations before they become violent
  • dealing with individuals under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Whatever your situation or need, we will design a course especially for your organisation and industry.

We have extensive experience across all industries, and have designed training for:

  • medical staff, hospitals and high risk medical centres
  • social workers and allied health professionals
  • first responders, firefighters and ambulance workers
  • police officers for advanced application of restraint locks that are smooth and compliant without injury to the public
  • council workers, such as rangers and parking inspectors dealing with potentially irate and angry members of the public
  • corporate businesses, such as Telstra and Origin Energy, who deal with rage from customers and road rage incidents
  • airline employees and client facing staff who deal with people in close quarters
  • retail employees who are at the front line of angry and disgruntled customers
  • any person dealing with the public and constantly get abused

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