Conflict Resolution Skills

The Conflict Resolution course has been created specifically to learn the skills to defuse an aggressor and stop it from becoming physical. It is the same content as the Dealing with Aggressive People Course, but only the awareness and diffuse part of the course. Like all our courses, it is a fun half day of training where you get to be very hands on and learn some excellent techniques for the workplace.

This course teaches you how to defuse and de-escalate volatile situations to avoid physical violence.

You will learn:

  • how to best communicate in tense situations
  • what to do when a situation becomes heated
  • how to identify and respond to physical threats with body language and voice tone
  • how to stay calm while somebody is very heated and angry
  • how to keep yourself protected
  • setting up your environment correctly

You will receive:

  • morning or afternoon tea, tea and coffee
  • a comprehensive manual to cement your learning’s
  • an excellent half day of fun and interactive training, both theoretical and hands-on.

What to wear: Clothes you would wear to work.

Course Outline

Part 1

  • Introduction and general information on the course
  • Identifying the different types of conflict.
  • Why does conflict happen?
  • How to understand the other’s person perspective
  • Understanding verbal and body cues during the conflict process

Part 2

  • Look at the different stages of conflict
  • Using your environment in a conflict situation for the best outcome
  • Looking at multitude of solution for resolution
  • Keeping yourself safe and not letting it escalate
  • Creating win / wins for both parties
  • Closing comments and course review

Upcoming Course Dates And Location

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