Dealing with Aggressive People

Everybody should be able to feel safe in the workplace. Sometimes we cannot make everybody happy, turning your everyday interactions with customers into an aggressive conflict. And the worst part, sometimes it can turn physical.

Our Dealing with Aggressive People Course has been designed to give you the tools to handle an aggressive customer interaction within the workplace. Our modern day has made a lot of people unreasonable and having this as our most popular course in the market, will show you that no matter how big or small you are, you can handle yourself.

The aim of the course is to give you confidence in handling yourself in any aggressive or conflict situation.

This training course is designed for team members to:

  • deescalate an aggressive situation in the workplace.
  • learn how to see the signs of a customer becoming aggressive
  • learn the 5 easy steps of resolving any aggressive situation within the workplace
  • learn what action to take if the situation becomes physical
  • learn how to use your voice to resolve the aggressive situation and what to say.
  • learn how to control your emotions during an aggressive conversation.

It is a powerful, fun and very informative training course.  You will learn the best way to defuse and aggressive situation whether it is verbal or physical.

You Will Learn:

  • the right mindset for the situation and how not to panic
  • be able to confidently defend yourself
  • evaluating your environment – situational awareness
  • different techniques to counter any verbal or physical attack with simple but powerful strategies
  • your voice and words are your number one tool to defuse any situation
  • various ways to handle multiple attack situations
  • what to do if weapons are involved, and what you may be able to use as a weapon

The course is hands on where people get to train and participate in the different techniques.

You will receive:

  • practical tools and techniques to handle aggressive situations
  • an excellent day of theoretical and hands-on training
  • fun and interactive exercises to build confidence
  • a comprehensive manual to cement your learnings

* morning and afternoon teas, lunch, and tea and coffee provided

Investment: $495 inc GST for the full day. 20% discount for 2 or more registrations from the same company.

What to wear: Clothes you would wear to work.

Note:  As this is a hands on learning environment, a waiver form will be required by each participant to ensure insurance is kept up to date. Anybody who does not sign the waiver will not be able to participate in the physical activities.

Course Outline

  • Why does aggression happen in the workplace
  • Identifying the signs of aggression and the stages of each including visual and verbal cues
  • Dealing with your work environment
  • Team interaction with an aggressive person
  • Dealing with your emotions in an aggressive situation, how not to freeze
  • Using your voice to diffuse the situation
  • How to stop the aggression escalating
  • Working on positive outcomes for each aggressive situation
  • How to remove yourself from the situation
  • Practical hands-on session

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