Small Business Training

We have specially designed programs for business owners and team members to become more confident and be able to handle themselves when dealing with customers and the public.

Being in small business and training many business owners, we have come across countless situations where self-defence has been necessary.

We have provided training courses for medical practitioners, psychologists, transport companies, and many more.

It is a fun and rewarding experience to see how much business owners and their teams get out of the self-defence and conflict resolution training.


At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • be aware of the environment you are in and manage it appropriately
  • identify a potentially threatening situation before it escalates
  • commit to a course of action to defuse the situation
  • have solutions for managing volatile behaviour
  • have techniques for protecting yourself from harm

calmly and confidently be able to defend yourself against a violent individual.

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