Resolution Education recently delivered Train the Trainer training to 4 team members at Ramsay Health Care (Sunshine Coast Hospitals).

Ramsay Health needed to be provided with a train the trainer course that was able to teach 4 work place health and safety managers how to deliver the dealing with aggressive behaviour course. Unfortunately, in hospitals the nurses and other staff deal with constant harassment and aggression daily and were looking at a better system to deliver the training to the team.

Resolution Education delivered the Train the Trainer course breaking down each component on how to teach each part mainly focusing on the awareness side of dealing with aggression.

The training project consisted of the following:

Dates: June 2019

Number of Training Days Delivered: 2 Training Day

Number of Participants: 4

Time of Training: 9:30am till 3:30pm

Location: Nambour Private Hospital.

Feedback Forms: The feedback forms have come back amazingly positive. With a ranking of 5 out of 5 delivered content and quality of content delivered.

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