Resolution Education recently delivered training to 25 team members at Mission Australia.

The support workers at Mission Australia have to go offsite and enter into not so secure homes. They are dealing with people from different backgrounds, mental illness, drug and alcohol effected and a big one was depression.

The training we formulated was to look at things like, where to park the car, what questions to ask, how they enter the property, where do they keep the keys, where to sit inside, what to look out for if the situation is escalating and of course how to exit quickly if needed.

The training project consisted of the following:

Dates: April 2019

Number of Training Days Delivered: 1 Training Day

Time of Training: 9:30am till 2:30pm

Number of Participants: 25

Location: Ashfield Sydney Australia.

Feedback Forms: The feedback forms have come back amazingly positive. With a ranking of 4.68 of delivered content and quality of content delivered.

“Resolution Education delivered their Dealing With Aggressive People course to 20 of our frontline employees and managers and everyone extremely happy with the content and way it was delivered. The feedback forms the staff provided gave 5 out of 5 for training content, relevance and how the training was delivered. The training is practical and the trainer made it extremely simple and was able to make a serious topic fun. Worthwhile for any organisation to get this training and can recommend it to anybody dealing with people potential to be aggressive.
Mariah Landy-Ariel – Office Manager Mission Australia
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