Resolution Education recently delivered training to over 500 staff members around Australia for Salvation Army Employment Plus.

Unfortunately, the front office staff at Employment Plus have to deal with unhappy clients, ranging from aggression both verbal and physical. Causes of this aggression include people having their dole payments cut off, not understanding the systems, alcohol and drug effected challenges.

The training project consisted of the following:

Dates: August 2019 to December 2020

Training Course Creation: After many days of communication with the training manager and also OHS officers in Salvation Army, reviewing incident reports in the organisation and reviewing policies Resolution Education came up with an effective training course to deliver.

Number of Training Days Delivered: 19 Training Days

Number of People Trained: 308 people in total

Time of Training: 9:30am till 2:30pm

Locations: 11 Locations in Total Around Australia including rural areas. Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria and Tasmania.

Feedback Forms: The feedback forms have come back amazingly positive. With a ranking of 4.99 of delivered content and quality of content delivered.

Employment Plus could not speak highly enough of Resolution Education’s professionalism when it came to creating a De-escalation and Occupational Violence Training for our job staff. When creating the course Head Trainer, Nathan spent time with us reviewing our incidents, asking questions about what happens to staff and how things are currently handled and then also reviewed the current policies we have when dealing with aggression in the workplace. With so many locations to train at Resolution Education, delivered the training as required and the feedback from team has been absolutely exemplary and definitely practical for the team. We are glad we engaged Resolution Education for our De-escalation training and looking forward to working with Resolution Education in the future.
Karlo Briski – Technical Learning and Development Manager
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