Your Team

Head Trainer and Course Creator

Nathan McDonald has over two decades of experience developing and conducting training in many different areas, primarily in de-escalation.

With over 20 years’ experience in team growth and development, adult education and 21 years in Martial Arts, Nathan is perfectly placed to provide de-escalation training to manage verbal and physical workplace situations.

Nathan has been an adult educator since 1998 starting out by delivering training of accounting software to groups of small business owners. On average Nathan was delivering up to 3 training courses a month over a period of 5 years.

Nathan founded Resolution Education specifically to develop and provide de-escalation training.

Resolution Education covers all corporate conflict resolution, de-escalation and positive handling training. Nathan also manages a large martial arts school (Bayside Hapkido) of over 200 students that is now being managed by other instructors. As a highly experienced trainer and martial arts instructor, Nathan holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in Hapkido.


Your Experienced Trainers

The team at Resolution Education are highly experienced when it comes to delivering de-escalation, OVA and conflict resolution training. We have a variety of trainers from males to females, big, small, scary and not so scary.

All our trainers have been trained intensely in the A.D.P. system of OVA Training. They are extremely professional and will be able to provide a varied range of situational awareness scenarios for your complete training enjoyment.

All our trainers travel around Australia to do what they love to do and at Resolution Education we will always match your training requirements with the right trainer.

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