Government & Public Sector Training

At Resolution Education, we work closely with government sectors such as health (doctors, nurses, ambulance workers, allied health workers etc), councils, first responders including police and firefighters, as well as social workers, aged care and community workers.

We offer customized programs to your specific government industry with simple, effective and powerful tools to build confidence and a sense of personal safety and security in the workplace.

Designed to help with close quarters defence, the program is tailored to benefit all participants.

We are all different shapes and sizes with varying ranges of fitness and flexibility, so there are a variety of different applications we teach dependent on your individual situation.  And we show you how to safely use physical restraint without causing injury or harm.

Training Outcomes

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • be aware of the environment you are in and manage it appropriately
  • identify a potentially threatening situation before it escalates
  • commit to a course of action to defuse the situation
  • have solutions for managing volatile behaviour
  • have techniques for protecting yourself from harm
  • calmly and confidently be able to defend yourself against a violent individual.

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