Dealing with Aggressive People

Learn to feel safe in the workplace
Learn to give self defence training to your team

January 26 & 27 2019, San Diego

Australia’s Leading Authority on Occupational Violence Avoidance is coming to San Diego

Everybody should be able to feel safe in the workplace.

Unfortunately, from time to time, interactions with customers (or colleagues) can become aggressive and threatening, sometimes even physical.

If you are working with customers every day, make sure you have the tools to effectively deal with aggressive people. Our one-day program will not turn you into Bruce Lee, it will however, give you to the tools you need to defuse an aggressive interaction in the workplace.

In this program you will learn …

  • to see the signs of a customer becoming aggressive
  • to deescalate an aggressive situation in the workplace
  • the 5 easy steps to resolving any aggressive situation in the workplace
  • how to use your voice to resolve the situation and what to say
  • how to control your emotions during an aggressive conversation
  • how to respond effectively

Gain the confidence to handle yourself in any aggressive or conflict situation at work.

Do you find it difficult to deal with aggressive customers?

Do you want to learn how to respond more effectively?

Do you want to know how to resolve an aggressive situation in the workplace?

Ensure you and your team are prepared.


Program includes:

  • 1 or 2 day theoretical and hands-on training
  • a comprehensive manual to support your learnings
  • morning & afternoon tea, lunch, tea and coffee

Investment start from only $495 AUD. Approx $360 USD
See Below for Different Training Options

Learn to respond effectively
see the signs │ know what to say │ control your responses

Protect your staff from aggressive customers and give them the tools to handle a lot of different aggressive situations…

2 Different Training Options for San Diego

Option 1
One Day Training – Dealing With Aggressive People In The Workplace
Saturday 26th January – 9:30am till 3:30pm


You are hearing or more and more incidents in the workplace where your team or being verbal and physically abused. It should not be on and this training program is suited for those people needing the skills to handle these situations a lot better and keep them safer at work.

Learn how to respond effectively to rising tensions and aggressive customers with our 1-day program.  You will…

Learn the right mindset for the situation and how not to panic

Be able to confidently defend yourself

Learn simple powerful strategies and techniques to counter any verbal or physical attack

Simple, powerful strategies & techniques to counter any verbal or physical attack

Learn to use your voice and words to defuse any situation

The course is hands on where people get to train and participate in the different techniques.

Find out more about this course by clicking here.

Who Should Attend

Anybody dealing with aggressive people, whether verbal or physical.

– Teachers
– Social Workers
– Government Workers
– Nurses
– Medical Staff
– Security Officers
– Retail Staff
– Anybody in authority


and be prepared for an exceptional day of learning

$495 AUD or Approx $360 USD

Option 2
Two Day Training – Train the Trainer
Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January – 9:30am till 3:30pm

The train the trainer course has been created to provide the best quality and simplest of training. Which is why our train the trainer course will allow your own trainers in your organisation to be able to deliver self defence and conflict resolution training to your employees.

Being a two full day intensive course that is delivered to your trainers on how to deal with most self defence situations. Our training is based around 3 key areas:


Body Language


Remove Yourself
Find Somebody to Help
Use your voice
Do Something Unexpected


Different Attacks
Protecting Oneself
Create Time and Space

Who Should Attend

Any company wanting to add conflict and violence avoidance to their training programs:

– Hospital Trainers
– Human Resources
– Trainer
– Occupational Health and Safety Officers
– Medical Staff

The aim of the course is to give you the confidence in being able to deliver the training to your staff members to keep them safe. We only have limited courses every year and you must come back for a refresher every year, as things change consistently.

Find out more about this course by clicking here.


and be prepared for an exceptional two days of learning

$995 AUD or Approx $730 USD

About Your Trainer

Nathan McDonald is Australia’s leading trainer on occupational violence avoidance and now travels the world delivering his easy, yet effect training systems. Being on National TV in Australia numerous times as a leading expert, he always ensure you are delivered the best most effective training.

A 4th degree Black Belt Hapkido instructor, Nathan runs Bayside Hapkido in Brisbane’s bayside with over 200 students that are trained on practical self defence skills.

Nathan is also a business strategist, and his Black Belt Business company has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs grow and improve their businesses by applying time-honoured martial arts principles.

Nathan aligns his 20 year wealth of experience in business training and development with his 15 years of martial arts instruction to bring you Resolution Education.

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