De-Escalation and OVA Training

Who will benefit from this training?

Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA) is unfortunately on the rise and we have the training course that can suit your organsation.

All employees liable to be in contact with difficult, aggressive or angry people will find this interactive and strategy-rich training package relevant and effective. Whether it is just verbal or both verbal and physical, all employees will find this exceptional when dealing with aggression in the workplace.

This training is fully customised to every organisation. Every situation is unique and we can train everybody from retail, health, government and private industries.

So contact us today to discuss your Occupational violence and aggression training requirements.

Course Overview

Duration: Half Day, Full  Day or 2 days available

Delivery Options: Face to Face or Online

Location: Training Australia, NZ and Internationally – At your workplace or a location can be organised by Resolution Education

Capacity: up to 30 people for the day or an additional trainer can be organised

What To Wear: Clothes you would normally wear to work

Training Outcomes

  • recognise the signs of somebody becoming agitated
  • situational awareness and preparation
  • control their emotions during an aggressive conversation
  • the right mindset for the situation and how not to panic
  • de-escalate a conflict situation in the workplace
  • how to confidently handle the situation in a safe manner
  • use their voice to resolve the aggressive situation and what to say; your voice and words are your number one tool to defuse any situation
  • deal with people who are influenced by drugs, alcohol or have a mental challenge

Course Outline

Because of the nature of your organisation you may experience different types of OVA. Therefore we can customise and create your own course outline based on the A.D.P. System to improve employees safety and education on dealing with aggression.

A more detailed occupational violence and aggression training course outline can be provided by contacting us direct.

– Identifying the signs of aggression and the stages of each, verbal cues, visual cues
Team Interaction with an aggressive person

– Dealing with your emotions in an aggressive situation, how not to freeze and timing from the start of a situation to becoming violent

– Using your voice to diffuse the situation

– How to stop the aggression escalating

– Working on positives outcomes for each aggressive situation

– Hands on Role Playing Sessions

– Hands on Group Situations

– Remote Workers Safety

– Drug and Alcohol Effected Aggression

– Physical Aggression Strategies

– Restraint Handling and Subduing an aggressor

– Dealing with Weapons in the workplace

You will receive:

– an excellent course of fun and interactive training, both theoretical and role playing – We understand the seriousness of this training and ensure we are focused on providing the best training and understanding that some situations can be very confronting for your team

– how your employees can keep themselves safe from both verbal and physical aggression

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