Team building activities for your next conference

 In Corporate Team Building

Organising your next conference can be a lot of hard work and a bit of a headache for many of us. For event organisers, there’s so much to consider including your event goal, who needs to attend, selecting the right venue, the agenda and of course, the BUDGET! Then there’s the team-building activities.

There are so many types of team building activities out there in the market. It’s easy to get confused by all the options out there. What we do know is there’s a definite growing trend for team building programs that are hand-on and teach real-life skills.

Want something a little different for this year’s annual conference?

At Resolution Education, our practical courses are perfect for corporate team building. All our programs can be tailored to suit your organisation or conference objectives.

Your conference attendees will be taught physical and mental techniques to cope with workplace stress whilst having loads of fun.

Karate Chop!

Imagine watching your attendees LOL whilst learning key business fundamentals, like follow through. Think Karate Kid, they’ll walk away with the accomplishment of learning how to break a wooden board!

Our conference packages guarantee engagement and entertainment whilst incorporating business, health and lifestyle aspects. Our team will ensure attendees leave with greater confidence, self-awareness and self-defence skills.

For more information on our conference packages and team-building activities for your next event, please contact the team at Resolution Education today.

Resolution Education provides staff with training that not only build confidence, and control their emotions during an aggressive conversation, it will help identify a potentially aggressive situation before it escalates.