Conference Packages


Our practical conflict resolution courses are perfect for corporate team building activities. Your team will enjoy our hands-on approach as we teach physical and mental techniques to cope with workplace stresses.

Imagine your team laughing as we take them through some fun and effective practices, imparting skills that will stay with them forever.

Imagine them learning key business fundamentals, like follow through – by breaking a wooden board.

We have created conference packages that engage and entertain, incorporating business, health and lifestyle aspects, ensuring participants leave with greater confidence, self-awareness, conflict resolution management and self-defence skills.

Course Overview

Duration: customised to your conference schedule.

Location: Training Australia Wide and Internationally – At your workplace or a location can be organised by Resolution Education

Capacity: up to 30 people for the day or an additional trainer can be organised

What To Wear: Clothes you would normally wear to work

Training Outcomes

  • how to best communicate in tense situations
  • what to do when a situation becomes heated
  • how to identify and respond to physical threats with body language and voice tone
  • how to stay calm while somebody is very heated and angry
  • how to keep yourself protected.

Course Outline

Resolution Education’s conference packages are customised to your industry and audience. Our practical conflict resolution training teaches you how to defuse and de-escalate volatile situations to avoid physical violence.

– Identifying the different types of conflict.

– Why does conflict happen?

– How to understand the other’s person perspective

– Understanding verbal and body cues during the conflict process

– Look at the different stages of conflict

– Using your environment in a conflict situation for the best outcome

– Looking at multitude of solution for resolution

– Keeping yourself safe and not letting it escalate

– Creating win / wins for both parties

You will receive:

– an excellent course of fun and interactive training including role playing

– Real life skills including greater confidence, self-awareness, conflict resolution management and self-defence skills.

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