Code Black Training

Impactful, Hands On Training!

Health sector staff are faced with a range of aggressive situations, both in the workplace and the field, which require sound de-escalation skills and a cohesive team response. Resolution Education works closely with health care professionals across different environments such as hospitals, clinics, general and specialist practices, to provide staff with effective approaches and strategies to resolve aggressive situations effectively.

Our training is customised to ensure client needs are met, and that all guidelines and policies, government or internal,  are followed. Our training teaches your team how to effectively work together, with practical demonstrations of a range of potential scenarios, so they are fully equipped and confident to handle aggressive situations. Resolution Education’s services include the development of full code black policies, if required.

This training is fully customised to every organisation. Every situation is unique and we can train everybody from retail, health, government and private industries.

Course Overview

Duration: 1 to 2 days available

Location: Training Australia, NZ and Internationally – At your workplace or a location can be organised by Resolution Education

Capacity: up to 20 people for the day or an additional trainer can be organised

What To Wear: Clothes you would normally wear to work

Training Outcomes

  • understand the code black process and policy
  • situational awareness and preparation
  • control their emotions during a code black
  • the right mindset for the situation and how not to panic
  • understanding of everyone’s role in a code black situation
  • how to confidently handle the situation as a team and in a safe manner

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