Awareness. De-Escalate. Protect. (A.D.P.)

Developed by Head Trainer, the A.D.P. is a way to train employees how to protect themselves against occupational aggression. Since 2017 of implementing the system around Australia, Resolution Education is continually refining and strengthening this system to develop (and in some cases deliver) tailored OVA training for clients across Australia.

The A.D.P. system has been tried and tested in many industries. It has been proven to be a very effective, easy way to learn and achieve desired outcomes. We guarantee this system will empower the confidence in your staff and provide them with an invaluable skill set missing in most study or job training environments.


  • Verbal Cues
  • Visual Cues – Body Language
  • Environment
  • Emotional Controls
  • Listen to Intuition


  • Body Positioning
  • What to say and when
  • How to Remove Yourself and when
  • Using your voice
  • Getting Help
  • Duress Alarms and when to use them
  • Do something unexpected


  • Different grabs you can expect to defend against
  • Punches and kicks
  • Objects being thrown
  • Using the environment

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1300 884 589

Resolution Education has trained personnel at all levels within organisations, from CEOs to junior recruits – with the training being adaptable to different levels within organisations and to the different roles. We understand that the types of situations likely to be encountered can vary greatly depending on the different role each employees holds within the organisation.


We live and breathe OVA and de-escalation. It is in our blood and our passion, as well as a fervent desire to impart our students with knowledge that may assist them to go home safely from work each day.

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