• The Management and Staff of Maybanke wish to thank you most sincerely for your ongoing support in our work supporting women and children escaping domestic violence. We greatly value your giving your time to provide our clients with self defence workshops. These workshops help enormously in re-building their self esteem and helping them to feel more confident and safe in everyday lives. We appreciate you creating a safe, respectful, relaxed and interactive environment for our clients, who enjoy these sessions enormously. We have received consistent feed back from our clients that the simple tips provided during these sessions are useful and practical to enhance a safe environment. We deeply appreciate your awareness about the sensitivity of the issue of domestic violence and your proactive attitude towards supporting Maybanke. We believe that the positive attitude from members of community, like you, goes a long way in building a safe and respectful community.

    Valda Carrington Manager
  • Our trainer, Nathan is very engaging and knowledgeable.

    Julieann Lee
  • Great training course. Thank you!

    Odette Brohies
  • Overall it was an amazing session and highly recommended it to providers.

    Jackie Connor
  • Loved the program, simple and effective. Thank you Nathan. Great job! Great energy! I will be teaching my kids.

    Trisha Bos
  • It was engaging, fun and well worth it.

    Kim Retford Gosford SSH
  • Our trainer, Nathan, made the training session engaging, enjoyable and fun! Numerous thing I have learned: defense technique, diffusing the situations and keep a 2 meter space rule from the other person.

    Jasmine Aretisian JobActive
  • Nathan was engaging and got everyone involved. Keep it up-beat and positive.

    Jo-abbe Walker Charlestown
  • Nathan and his company delivered some training in remote Australia for our company. Nathan was great to deal with, quick to respond, tailored the training to suit our needs and at a competitive price. The relaxed nature of the training delivered by Nathan really suited our staff members and has ‘armed’ our team with some essential self defence skills. Thanks Nathan.

    Paul Carney
    Paul Carney Operations Manager
  • Nathan was great, I am very impressed by his circle work.

    Tracey Watson
  • It was all useful. Nathan was engaging!

    Ingrid Thomas E-Plus | Training Plus
  • Thank you! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Very useful.

    Belinda King
  • It was all good value, Keep up the good work!

    Beu Ralph IPSWICH | Training
  • Trainer was very entertaining and fun way to learn this. Nathan, you are the best. Thank you!

    Naveed Islam
  • Nathan you are great trainer. Thank You!

    Tristan Hunt
  • It was all excellent. Thanks for the training it’s been really useful and fun.

    Liz Clarke Training Plus
  • Nathan was so great and really kept me interested though out the session in my 14 years in DES | Jobactive

    Sue Jowett
  • Great and knowledgeable trainer who made serious training fun and meaningful through great humour. Thanks Resolution Education!

    Denise Parvakis
  • 10/10 – very useful!

    Cassie Maly
  • Demonstrations and role plays were awesome, very effective and interactive.

    Losalini Tosusu-Smith E-Plus | Woodbridge
  • Training was great, would love to do more.

    Erin Meloney
  • Nathan is great. Would love to have further training with him in the future. Gives me confidence and clarification on when to act / respond an incident or circumstance.

    Aileen Forde
  • Nathan is very engaging. Thank you! Great day.

    Deborah James
  • The training was very interactive. Highly recommended to others!

    Monica Gangal
  • This is the best aggression training I have been to.

    Ben Harris Employment Plus
  • This was very beneficial. Nathan’s delivery, training & explanations was exceptional!

    Renee Smith E-Plus | Site Manager
  • It was wonderful and Nathan really engaged us all the time during the whole program.

    Pamela Baml
  • Very useful stuff I have learnt here today. Good life skills, much needed.

  • Excellent trainer, delivery was thorough and useful.

    Piper E-Plus | Maitland
  • Great explaining and example from trainer. Great mix of fun and seriousness.

    Jayde Lewis
  • Awesome training and very relevant to our day to day sight.

    Daniel Taylor

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