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Our mission at Resolution Education is to educate and empower you to feel safe and secure at work. Our conflict resolution and self-defence courses give you the tools and techniques to de-escalate, defuse, and defend yourself in threatening situations. Because your personal safety is our priority.

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We teach easy ways for everybody to stay safe at work!


We work with government sectors such as Health (doctors, nurses, ambulance and allied health workers), Council Workers, Police Force, Firefighters, Social Workers.


Based on the concept of learning how to defuse an aggressive situation, our Conflict Resolution course introduces you to tools and techniques to effectively deal with volatile situations.


Based on the concept of learning how to defuse an aggressive situation, this course has been created for teachers and educators to combat the violent behaviour in the classroom.

Small Business

We have specially designed programs for business owners and team members to  be able to handle themselves when dealing with customers and the public.

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We have a range of training courses available, covering

Different training options

We have customised training solutions available to meet the specific needs of your organisation, as well as regular courses for individuals in conflict resolution and self-defence.

About the Head Trainer

Nathan McDonald is a 4th degree Black Belt Hapkido instructor and runs Bayside Hapkido in Brisbane’s bayside.

Nathan is also a business strategist, and his Black Belt Business company has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs grow and improve their businesses by applying time-honoured martial arts principles.

Nathan aligns his 20 year wealth of experience in business training and development with his 15 years of martial arts instruction to bring you Resolution Education.

Resolve if you can, defend if you must.

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  • The Management and Staff of Maybanke wish to thank you most sincerely for your ongoing support in our work supporting women and children escaping domestic violence. We greatly value your giving your time to provide our clients with self defence workshops. These workshops help enormously in re-building their self esteem and helping them to feel more confident and safe in everyday lives. We appreciate you creating a safe, respectful, relaxed and interactive environment for our clients, who enjoy these sessions enormously. We have received consistent feed back from our clients that the simple tips provided during these sessions are useful and practical to enhance a safe environment. We deeply appreciate your awareness about the sensitivity of the issue of domestic violence and your proactive attitude towards supporting Maybanke. We believe that the positive attitude from members of community, like you, goes a long way in building a safe and respectful community.

    Valda Carrington Manager
  • Nathan and his company delivered some training in remote Australia for our company. Nathan was great to deal with, quick to respond, tailored the training to suit our needs and at a competitive price. The relaxed nature of the training delivered by Nathan really suited our staff members and has ‘armed’ our team with some essential self defence skills. Thanks Nathan.

    Paul Carney
    Paul Carney Operations Manager

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